New Blogging Software

About a month ago, I finally got fed up with dealing with Wordpress and decided to make new blogging software for my site; what you're seeing now is an early, unfinished version of that software.

This software is called YABA (Yet Another Blogging App) and I will soon be releasing it as open source software on GitHub, probably under the MIT license. YABA supports Markdown for formatting posts, using Parsedown for parsing (source available on GitHub).

YABA currently uses no Javascript, as I want it to run lightly, and run well even on browsers with Javascript disabled (i.e. with NoScript-type plugins), the only planned exception being a live preview of formatted text when making a post. Comments are currently not supported, but will be coming in future updates.

For more information, watch this space; if you want to contact me about the site/software, you can reach me on Twitter @FrostySnownoob.Thanks for reading!